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Photo Puzzle 

This is the other gift I made for our friends who have recently moved away.  (They had an 8 hour flight,  so it was something they could play with). 

 Along with moving away from all of the people they knew,  they had to leave their dog.  (At least she got to go with family).  So I made them a little puzzle  (4×6) of their dog.   🙂

I own some computer printable jigsaw paper by Puzzle Clonzz. Here is an Amazon link. 

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Lenticular Gift

So some of our good friends are moving to Amsterdam,  tomorrow.  So I made them a couple little things for the plane ride & their new home.   

This is something I learned about in a class I took and was glad for the chance to try it out.  

This one is a Flip Lenticular.  You look at it one way & it is 1 picture,  then look at a different way (or tilt the picture)  and it changes to a different one.   

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The Joy of Snow

So I’m sure after our crazy 30″of snow (Remember I am in Northern Virginia.)most people were not excited to wake up this morning & see more of the white stuff.  But A was THRILLED!  (I have to admit I also loved it & decided I couldn’t wait to get out there with my camera).

So after breakfast we headed out.  A was excited to shovel and sweep!

SKILLS: Love of nature,  Making own decisions,  Enjoying freedom of no expectations, trying.






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Family Bracelet

Now that S has more defined features/expressions I have completed (can’t you sense a theme here….completion!) the bracelet for my mom-in-law.  There is a photo bead for each immediate person in the family.  She loves it!!! (And will be so excited to have it back as well).  🙂

This is such a wonderful way to think about all of us since we do not live close.

I have square photo beads (as shown below) as well as 2 sided circle photo beads and a couple scrapbook bracelet kits if you are interested in buying one.

bracelet done

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