Thankful Tree

This month we are focusing on being Thankful and ways to show Kindness towards others. To help with this we have crated a Thankful Tree where the leaves are handwritten notes of what we are thankful for.

So to help spread this mindset we started our tree on our Family Diner night so our friends could join with us. I was very happy with how engaged everyone was and the time and thought they put into their leaves.

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Chore Chart

I have finally finished A’s Chore Chart.  I’m happy with how it has turned out.  And so far A seems excited about it.  

We talk in the morning about what we will do.  Then after dinner we talk again & fill in the spots. It has helped having it in an area that we see a lot.

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I have many different projects going and they all seem to be taking longer than I thought.  (But really I have 2 kids & other responsibilities so who was I kidding).  🙂

The other situation I keep running into is all of my projects are partially formed in my head,  so I keep running into situations I need to find solutions for.  (It seems like things that should be easy are not…). But,  I keep making headway & I am excited about how the projects are turning out!

Here I am making some fun magnets for A’s Chore Chart.


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Not quite hay & straw.  We are working on teaching A her right & left. So,  we have started writing R & L in her shoes to work on this &  learn to put jet shoes on the correct feet.  🙂

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Coat Hooks

As A is getting bigger we are working on giving her more responsibilities.  Some of these are taking off & putting away her own coat and shoes.  So to help her we have added a little hook for her (and one for S)that she can reach. 

I let her pick out the color (hooks are from Ikea) and then I added the letters.  It has worked really well. Not only does she know where to take off her coat,  but she also has access to it to put it on.


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