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Mystical Tree 

We found this Mystical Tree awhile back & decided it was a good day to try it.   

We started it just before nap & saw nice growth by the time A was up.   

It was neat watching the crystals grow & turn the color of the tree limbs.  And interesting that it was white on the trunk. 

SKILLS: Patience,  Observations, Science, Predictions 

2:30pm (start)





11:pm (A saw it in the morning & called it the broccoli tree! )

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Hooded Towel 

So several of our friends have handmade hooded towels.  One of the youngest was sad she did not,  so I made her one as well. 

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Free Form Art Project

Today Either found some objects & asked if she could use them.  So,  I grabbed a few more things and let her go to town.  The only real direction I gave was saying what to try first.   

Started off with stamps,  which always turns to her using the stamp pad as a wide marker.  Then used some stickers and foam beads.  I like how she decided to stack items on top of each other. 

SKILLS: Art, Creativity,  Confidence,  Fine Motor Skills,  Not One Correct Way

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Outdoors Oobleck

A found one of our books today, flipped through,  & then said she wanted to try this one.   So after checking it out & realizing we had everything (cornstarch,  water,  & food coloring)  we got down to business.  

A helped measure the cornstarch, added a few drops of blue food coloring to the water.  Then we headed outside to our little pool to play.  

It was fun watching (& playing with) this substance that is a liquid when sitting, but when you squeeze it is turns solid!

Both A & S had a fun time playing with the oobleck!

*Note: Clean up was easy. Used wet washcloth on the kids & then added more water & was able to easily rinse out the pool.

SKILLS:  Sensory, Imagination, Solid vs. Liquid.


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