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Cardboard Bulldozer 

What a fun morning surprise for A & S! I created a fun,  with moving parts,  bulldozer!

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Train to Anywhere 

Today we decided the house should be converted into a new creation.  So we tried a few different ideas and ended up with a train. 
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Rocket Ship to House

We decided it was time to re-imagine our rocket ship.  So, today it turned into a house,  which included a chimney, doorbell, & a room with a mailbox.   The mailbox is the biggest hit for both A & Saturday. 

A only wanted a chimney if we could add a Santa 🙂  We had fun decorating house & making our mail. 

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Rocket Ship

Today we got another large cardboard box.  (Thank you Ann!)  Oh, the possibilities are endless !  After letting the kids play with it as a tunnel, we got to work creating our newest creation…. rocket ship! 

This one even has some control panels inside!   Oh what a hit with all! 

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Neverending Box

Each Wednesday I get ready to recycle this box.  And each week it turns into something new & I just can’t seem to part with it yet. 

Today it became a tent! 

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Cardboard Santa Sleigh

We are having a blast with all of these cardboard boxes.  Today along with the cozy nook we made a Santa Sleigh!

I don’t remember how we got to this decision,  but we did and I am so glad!  I love how the sleigh turned out,  and even better is how much A & S love it! 

It is equipped with back supports, a seat, runners, & even trusty reindeer!

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Cardboard Christmas Nook

When the neighbors get a huge box,  the possibilities are endless! 

We learned that all 3 of us could fit in the box.  Then we spent a bit of time playing Jack in the Box. 

Then we took out the corner supports for a different project & took the big one up to A’s room.  Up there we transformed out into a cozy little Christmas nook.  We laid it on its side & poked holes through the now top.  Then we placed Christmas lights through the holes so they could be seen from inside. 

What a cozy little spot this is! 

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Do & Redo Gingerbread House

I saw this post by Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls and I was so excited to try it out. In fact,  I invited friends over the same day & made a quick trip to the craft store. 

After letting A help pick out items to decorate the house with,  we headed back home to get it ready. 

It was very easy following the directions for building the house. A was excited to help me measure & draw the lines on the cardboard. Then A spent a lot of time cutting extra pieces of cardboard. 

The hot glue was super easy & sturdy for the house.  (Much easier than frosting!).  Then I added velcro to the house & then to the different decorating items. 

A  and her friend had a blast decorating their houses.  And they even redecorated it a few times during the making process! 

SKILLS: Independence, Decisions, Fine Motor, Measuring, Cutting, Working Together 

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Cardboard Flute

A remembered that months ago I played my flute for her. So she asked me about it today. I decided it would be fun to make a flute for her. As soon as I was done making it she wanted to play it. I call that’s a success!

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Cardboard Kitchen

I have now completed the finishing touches on A’s play kitchen.  All of the components are made out of cardboard boxes that we had, and then covered with old backwards posters.  We have an oven with a door that opens with a window that looks into the rack, a stove top with 2 burners that light up and a timer with a bell, a cupboard to store all of the containers, a refrigerator/cupboard, and a microwave including buttons to push. All of the kids are getting a lot of enjoyment out of it!

We even have play food to go along with our dishes.  The wooden Melissa & Doug Cutting Food is a huge hit.  Our only trouble is, sometimes A chooses our real utensils for her kitchen and I can’t find them when I need them!

SKILLS: Imagination. Cooking. Sharing. Cutting. Sorting. Matching. Stirring.

finished kitchen

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