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Upcoming Events

I have now added an Upcoming Events section on the sidebar for local events geared towards kids.   I have also added the entire calendar so you can see what is coming up in the future.  

If you know of something that should be added send a comment & I would love to put it on.

-Kippis & Kiitos

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Upcoming Events Calendar

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Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This is one of A’s favorite outdoor activities.   She likes to help make & then play with our homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint. (1 cup cornstarch,  1 cup water,  food coloring).  We have found that spray bottles set to stream work the best (the squeeze bottles go to fast).


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Chore Chart

I have finally finished A’s Chore Chart.  I’m happy with how it has turned out.  And so far A seems excited about it.  

We talk in the morning about what we will do.  Then after dinner we talk again & fill in the spots. It has helped having it in an area that we see a lot.

SKILLS: Independence,  Responsibilities, Memory




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