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DIY Superhero Capes

After having several occasions where A & S have wanted to be superheroes I decided it was time to get them some capes.  After looking online I decided to make them.

A & S helped pick out the fabric (fun note: the stars glow in the dark!) and we used the pattern from CKC Patterns.
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Let’s Go Exploring! 

We have a friends birthday coming up and I decided to make a Let’s Go Exploring bag.   I learned that I create much like I live my life….I an idea in my head, figure out a few of the details,  and then pretty much just wing the rest.  And for the most part I am pretty happy with the results.  🙂

First the bag.  I saw a few patterns/ ideas online & decided to pick little parts of each.  The bag is made out of 1 leg of a pair of cargo pants & 1 men’s shirt.  (Thank you Goodwill).  Since I didn’t really plan it out, it turned into a messanger bag instead of a backpack.  Other than that I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  

Next, the binoculars. Many thanks go to my neighbor for helping figure out how to create the vision in my head.  The main part is from PVC pipe.  Then we had to figure out how to attach spacers & the strap.  (Thank you Goodwill for the belt we used as the strap.)  I am very happy with how these turned out!  (The kids were sad they could not play with them! )

Then we just added a drawing pad and a couple nature scavenger hunt activities.  Happy birthday & adventuring B!

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Hooded Towels Updated

So I have decided to make a few more hooded towels,  but this time to make a dinosaur  (monster/dragon?). Whatever you might call it, I am very happy with how they turned out! 

I followed this post my instructions.  My towels were so thick I had to use a walking foot for my sewing machine, but it worked great! 

Now I hope the 2 kids getting them like them just as much!  Let me know if you would like to purchase one! 

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Sting Ray

Our friend always chooses the same stuffed animal when he comes over to play.  So A decided we should make one for him. 

A helped me pick out the fabric and buttons for the eyes.  

This was my first attempt at anything like this.  I did a trial out of scrap fabric & realized a couple things to change & then did the real one. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The blue/silver one was the original & the brown/blue was my creation. 

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Summer Car Seat Blankets

So it is summer here and the hot temperatures make A & S not happy when they have to get into their hot car seats. 

So,  tonight I made (A got to pick the fabric) 2 blankets to throw over their seats.   I am very happy with the results. 

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Hooded Towel 

So several of our friends have handmade hooded towels.  One of the youngest was sad she did not,  so I made her one as well. 

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Toddler Hooded Towel

Since A has grown she does not fit into the little hooded towels.  But,  except for expensive ones from Pottery Barn, I couldn’t find big ones.   So,  I figured out how to make one (well really 2) from 2 bath towels and 1 hand towel.  I am so happy with the results.  A enjoys hers & we even gave one as a gift.

Please let me know if you would like one made! They can be personalized as desired!


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I Spy Bag


I have finally completed A’s I Spy Bag.  She was a big motivator in getting it done as she saw it and wanted to play with it.  So I took the few minutes to get it finished.

She enjoys shaking the bag around and seeing what she can find in it.

SKILLS: Observation, Imagination (makes up stories based on different objects). Color identification. Listening skills (I ask her to fine 1 or all of the things of one shape/color, etc).



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Handmade Tag Blanket

I was really proactive at making gifts a couple years ago and am very proud about how they have turned out. I have made 2 blankets like this, both sides are different types of fleece and two sides have ribbon loops for taggies on them.  A helped to pick out all of the fabric.  Now I might have to make one for her!

sonja xmas gift

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Quiet Book Pages

I have finally completed all of the pages for Ada’s Quiet Book!!  (I am really trying hard to complete all of the projects that I have started….Especially since I have other ideas of ones I want to start).  Now I just need/want to finish the cover.

Our Pages:

  1. Elephant: The shape/color of each balloon is drawn on the page & there is Velcro to match them up.
  2. Zippers: Zip open & close.
  3. Apple Tree: Move apples from tree to basket and back.
  4. Shapes: Match shapes (Velcro on each piece to put on/off).
  5. Ice Cream Cone: Put scoops of ice cream on/off.
  6. Potato Head: Dress Mrs. Potato Head.
  7. Flower: Numbers are Velcro and then black center has a button hole to put on/off.
  8. Dinosaur: Dots & Spikes are Velcro to put on/off/rearrange.
  9. Colors: Spelling and recognition.


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