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Cardboard House

One of the things I love to do is to create things from cardboard boxes.  We bought a double jogging stroller and thus got a wonderful box to create with!  We ended up creating a fun house (where we added windows to the side, which are not pictured here). A had a fun time decorating the house as well.  And A & her friends spent several months playing in the house!

SKILLS: Imagination. Independent Play. Coloring.


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Wooden Toy Camera

This is one of the things I am most proud of!!!  So after gathering some inspiration I tweaked and modified, drilled and sanded, and painted and pushed my way to creating a toy camera!  The top is the “shutter release” that you can push down and the lens is a small kaleidoscope you can look through!  I sure got a LOT of joy making this!!

Toy Camera

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I Spy Bag


I have finally completed A’s I Spy Bag.  She was a big motivator in getting it done as she saw it and wanted to play with it.  So I took the few minutes to get it finished.

She enjoys shaking the bag around and seeing what she can find in it.

SKILLS: Observation, Imagination (makes up stories based on different objects). Color identification. Listening skills (I ask her to fine 1 or all of the things of one shape/color, etc).



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Sensory Bottle Snowman

Even though we have lots of snow,  we decided to make an inside snowman today.

We used an empty Voss water bottle.  Filled it with about a 1/4″ of Clear Elmer’s Glue.  Then filled it with tap water.   Next shook some glitter in and then closed the lid really tight.  Next we drew on our snow man’s face with sharpies and gave him a pipe cleaner scarf.

Shake him up and watch him sparkle!

A had a blast helping with each step,  especially the glitter and drawing his face.

SKILLS: This was good fine motor skills practice for her with: putting the glue, water, & glitter into a small opening. Also allowed her to draw and work on facial features.



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Organization: Toys

Our general toy box was not working for me or the kids, so it was time for a change.  Thanks to a friend we received this handy Ikea organizer. Then I used my phone and Polaroid Zip printer to take print photos of what went in each bin.

This has resulted in more of the toys getting played with (instead of just being buried at the bottom of a box) and helping her clean up her toys.


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