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STEM 3 Little Pigs

Today after school we decided it would be a great day to do our 3 Little Pigs Activity.

To prep for this I wrote down my ideas, did a bit of searching, and came up with my ideas. Here I have a few options depending on time & how it is going. The nice thing about this is I now have some ideas set for future days if needed. ūüôā

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Pumpkinpalooza 2017

We decided we would host pizza & pumpkin carving this year.   And what a grand time it was!   As the pile of shoes show,  we had a great turnout! We had 10 kids & 12 adults over.  

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Activity: Butterfly Chromatography 

This is Spring break for our County. So it means it is a good time to host another event.  

Today was Butterfly Chromatography. Markers are made up of different colors.  when you put them on some paper and have water travel up the paper, the different colors separate. 

We started off with the story Gotta Go Gotta Go! I love seeing how excited and engaged the kids are! 

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Peep Catapults

I have been trying out events and activities that correspond to a business idea I am working on.  We have now successfully hosted two.  (See details of our first here).

This event was Peep Catapults! After we had it all set up outside,  mother nature decided to change our plans so we hurried and moved it all inside.

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Upcoming Events

I have now added an Upcoming Events section on the sidebar for local events geared towards kids.¬†¬† I have also added the entire calendar so you can see what is coming up in the future.  

If you know of something that should be added send a comment & I would love to put it on.

-Kippis & Kiitos

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Upcoming Events Calendar

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