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Cardboard Submarine

We have been reading several books about water, exploring the seas, and submarines. Papas Mechanical Fish by Candace Fleming is a wonderful book. So we decided to build a cardboard submarine! This was our first cardboard creation that I actually created a plan for first.

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Activity: Rainbow Rain Clouds

A has been asking about doing an experiment. So after a quick Pinterest search I found this fun looking one. (A likes things that combine water, food coloring, & some mess, so this looked perfect!) We took a short clear glass, added some water, topped it with regular foam shaving cream, & then slowly added drops of food coloring. Through trial & error we learning that less shaving cream makes the experiment go faster.

We experimented with colors, amounts, stirring. And then as we saw it start to drip through, we talked about rain clouds. What a fun experiment! SKILLS: Fine Motor, color mixing, rain.

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Activity: Pegboard, Golf Tees, & Rubber Bands

Today I spent less than $3 on golf tees to use with my extra pegboard & Rubber bands. This has been well spent money!

I took an spare cardboard box, used painters tape to secure pegboard to the box. Then I handed A & S some golf tees and rubber bands. They are having a blast!

A & S had fun trying different ways to push or pound the tees into the box.

A is making different shaped with the golf tees. Then they had a great time adding rubber bands.

Fun was had by all, and it continues even days later!

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Shapes, Colors, Imagination, Independent Play, Cooperative Play.

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Homemade Sourdough Bread

Today we made this Crusty Instant Pot Sourdough Bread. This was my first time making sourdough bread. The kids enjoyed helping.

Initially I opened the wrong kind of yeast, which meant the kids got to explore & play. Then they looked at the different kinds.

Their favorite part was kneading the dough, or really just playing with the yeast and flour.

I am extremely happy with how it turned out. It not only looks delicious, it taste even better!

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Activity: Symmetrical Drawing

Today A & I spent some time drawing together. I decided to see how she would do if I drew one thing and she was supposed to copy me. I was impressed with how well she did! She loved this activity! Sometimes I started the drawing & she copied. Then other times she started and I followed her lines.

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