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Activity: Book & Leprechaun Traps

Today we listened to Pete The Cat & the Great Leprechaun Chase on YouTube. (Wonderful resource when libraries are closed due to the Corona Virus).

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Activity: Dry Erase Pockets

Both my kids like using the dry erase markers so we got a couple of the Dry Erase Pockets. We have used these for many activities. The nice thing is you can or a paper inside & they can write on top of it, erase it, do it again, but not change the original. Continue for examples of use!

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A had been learning to read. And her teacher has been great It sharing resources from her class. So I use this opportunity to take some of their resources and create little bookmarks for each of the kids. That way as they are reading they’ll have a visual reminder of their different strategies.

One side of the bookmark are there six strategies for when they get stuck when they read.

The the other side of the bookmark is the five parts of a story when working on retelling the story.

After after I printed the pictures on cardstock, the kids help me cut them out. Then we laminated them. Next we punched the hole to attach a ribbon.

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Quick Activity: Finger strength\Pencil grip

S has been working on writing & drawing. To help with his pencil grip & finger strength we have created a fun game. The best part is, it can be done anywhere with no extra materials. And it can be adjusted to add extra materials for additional skills.

We started out simple with just his hand & made a Crocodile with his thumb, pointer, & middle finger.


We played & were silly with our Crocodile. (Because yes of course I made one too!). Then we worked on opening & closing the “mouth”. The goal is to keep the pointer and middle fingers together while opening and closing with the thumb. This helps get their fingers ready for holding a pencil.

Then I told him that I had a “special treasure” the Crocodile needed to keep safe. We have used pompoms, foam beads, aquarium marbles (like these), etc. It just has to be small enough to hold between their palm and ring and pinky fingers.

We played this for awhile. Opening & closing good Crocodile’s mouth while keeping the treasure hidden.

We then added a pencil to add another element of fun & learning to the game.


WHY: This helps them develop the finger strength and independent finger movement for holding a pencil.

*WHEN: This can be used when you need a quick activity while waiting, a positive distraction during a meltdown, a way to incorporate storytelling and vocabulary. (Between 2 people or more, or when one person creates 2 crocodiles), ect.

Until we create again. Kippis!

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Activity: Hole Punch

Today we did this simple yet complex activity. We took a piece of paper, drew a line, then asked S to punch holes on it. It took a lot of hand strength to punch the holes and then a lot of concentration to punch the holes along the line.

Modifications: This is an easy activity to change how easy or hard it is. Simplest: punch random holes in paper. Harder: create a picture & punch holes to follow the picture. Numbers: ask them to punch certain number of holes. Use punches to work with adding or subtracting. Shapes: ask them to punch out a shapes. (Either draw a shapes & ask them to follow it or ask them to punch it out on their own).

This is an easy activity I’m sure we will do again!

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STEM 3 Little Pigs

Today after school we decided it would be a great day to do our 3 Little Pigs Activity.

To prep for this I wrote down my ideas, did a bit of searching, and came up with my ideas. Here I have a few options depending on time & how it is going. The nice thing about this is I now have some ideas set for future days if needed. 🙂

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Art: Shapies, Rubbing Alcohol, & Tiles

Today we had friends over and experimented with fun art. We started with white tiles from Home Depot (A whole $0.08 each!), Sharpies, and Rubbing Alcohol. First we drew on our tiles with our Sharpies.

Then we used eye droppers to drop 91% Rubbing Alcohol on our tiles.

Which then lead to experimenting with ways to move the rubbing alcohol around the tile. We tried blowing, straws, tilting, & paper towels.

(A then had a blast making art on her tile and then making art on paper towels. She has a large stack of them saved up, wait till you see her custom wrapping paper!)

Then we learned that we could do a later of maker and then rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and then add another drawing on top. Stencils worked great for adding the additional images.

And one of the best things we learned through this process was, if you don’t like it, just add more rubbing alcohol to the tile & wipe it dry!

Here are some of our masterpieces!

After these have dried I will seal them with a coat of Polyurethane and add some felt to the bottom.

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Kiwi Crate: Arcade Claw

We enjoyed another one of our Kiwi Crates today. This one was about arcade games. A was so excited about this she started it first thing in the morning in her PJ’s. 🙂 The first step she started was creating a pom pom guy.

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Thankful Tree

This month we are focusing on being Thankful and ways to show Kindness towards others. To help with this we have crated a Thankful Tree where the leaves are handwritten notes of what we are thankful for.

So to help spread this mindset we started our tree on our Family Diner night so our friends could join with us. I was very happy with how engaged everyone was and the time and thought they put into their leaves.

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Kiwi Crate: Music (& feelings)

Today we have been focusing on Feelings. (Happy, silly, scared, worried, strong, ect.) So the Kiwi Crate box fit right in today with Music.

We started by talking about what are ways that you can show emotion. They came up with things like: drawing, words, face (smile, frown), dancing. Then dancing lead us to talk about what you hear when you dance sometimes…music!

So we read the story & had great discussions about many aspects of music, instruments, & feelings.

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