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Lesson: Juneteenth

Today we did a short lesson on Juneteenth. This is the day we celebrate the end of slavery. Even though slavery was abolished with the emancipation proclamation on January 1, 1863, it wasn’t until June 19, 1865.

(This also can lead to interesting discussions about how much faster information and people travel now).

We watched a few short clips. The first was about Juneteenth. We watched the book Juneteenth for Mazie. Then had a short discussion

Next we watched Brain Pop’s clip on Slavery. And had another short discussion about what slavery is.

We followed that with Brain Pop’s clip about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad.

We concluded our lesson with an activity about quilts and how they were possibly used to help slaves escape.

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Activity: Book & Leprechaun Traps

Today we listened to Pete The Cat & the Great Leprechaun Chase on YouTube. (Wonderful resource when libraries are closed due to the Corona Virus).

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Mother’s Day Card 

So A has been requesting to paint lately.  So we took a trip to Michael’s and grabbed some supplies as ours were running out.  We ended up finding a multi-pack deal on some square canvases. And my wheels started turning.   With a half formed idea in my head we got to work!  Continue reading

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Painting Pumpkings (& then some)

We didn’t get around to carving our pumpkins before Halloween, so today we enjoyed painting pumpkins (and of course as A does, herself….).  The finished pumpkins turned out pretty cool.  (Note, we sat them outside and the cold weather caused the Tempura paint to start chipping and created a pretty neat affect).

SKILLS: Fine Motor. Sensory.





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