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Experimental Painting

A decided that she wanted to try painting with jelly beans. So,  we got some mixed media paper, dropped different colored jelly beans into containers,  added some water and tried it.  The conclusion,  it did not paint any color.  But in the process we talked about how do we get the color to appear faster. 

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Magical Leprechaun Rock Hunt 

Today was our magical Leprechaun rock hunt.   

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Mystical Tree 

We found this Mystical Tree awhile back & decided it was a good day to try it.   

We started it just before nap & saw nice growth by the time A was up.   

It was neat watching the crystals grow & turn the color of the tree limbs.  And interesting that it was white on the trunk. 

SKILLS: Patience,  Observations, Science, Predictions 

2:30pm (start)





11:pm (A saw it in the morning & called it the broccoli tree! )

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Pipe Cleaner Crystals

Today we set up our Pipe cleaner crystal experiments! Ada had fun pouring and mixing all of the solution together.

Here is the Borax recipe we used. Pipe Cleaner Crystals.  Next time I would add more Borax (until I could see it NOT dissolving in the water).  This took just over 24 hours to look this good.  A had some fun trying to shape it, but was a little to complicated for her.  She did have fun pouring the water and Borax into the jars and then also putting the pipe cleaners in (and out repeatedly….).  🙂

SKILLS: Fine motor, Patience, Cause & Effect.



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