Cardboard Tool Bench

We were given some new to us toy tools and some big cardboard boxes. So, we created a Cardboard Tool Bench.


This includes shelves to store the tools, a pegboard to hang tools, and a work surface that includes a ruler.

Some of this will be used for free play, but I am also brainstorming way to incorporate some structured learning. Initial ideas: build a Lego tower that is 4 inches long, compare the length of these 2 toys, what letters make up the words on the sign, ect. I am looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Until we create again. Kippis!

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Cardboard Pirate Ship & Treasure Hunt

We have completed our newest #cardboardcreation a Pirate Ship!

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Cardboard Creation: Blinko

We have had this Mat Mania board forever, so I decided it would be a great cover to a cardboard creation!

This required:

* Cardboard boxes

* Peg board

* Painters tape

* Scissors

* Golf tees

* Bouncy balls

I put a cardboard box behind the peg board. Then I took some pieces of corrugated cardboard to make a frame on top of the pegboard for the Mania board to rest against. Then we added golf tees on the pegboard why do you not for our bouncy balls to fit between. And we created from scraps of cardboard a little tray for the bouncy balls to fall into. It is held together with painters tape.

I know it is time to play and have fun!

Until we create again. Kippis!

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Kindness Tree

We have been trying to focus on kindness and respect. So today we have created our Kindness Tree. The goal is to notice and record kind acts by others. Not kind acts that you have done but kind things that you see others doing. We are part of a community and want to focus on seeing good in others and not just trying to get “bonus” points for yourself. The more you see good in others will hopefully help you practice good deeds on your own.

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Moon Landing Anniversary

It is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. So we decided to do a unit on it. Keep reading to see the activities we created!

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Cardboard Submarine

We have been reading several books about water, exploring the seas, and submarines. Papas Mechanical Fish by Candace Fleming is a wonderful book. So we decided to build a cardboard submarine! This was our first cardboard creation that I actually created a plan for first.

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Activity: Pegboard, Golf Tees, & Rubber Bands

Today I spent less than $3 on golf tees to use with my extra pegboard & Rubber bands. This has been well spent money!

I took an spare cardboard box, used painters tape to secure pegboard to the box. Then I handed A & S some golf tees and rubber bands. They are having a blast!

A & S had fun trying different ways to push or pound the tees into the box.

A is making different shaped with the golf tees. Then they had a great time adding rubber bands.

Fun was had by all, and it continues even days later!

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Shapes, Colors, Imagination, Independent Play, Cooperative Play.

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So we had the opportunity to watch a College hockey game at our alma mater a few weeks ago with family. This was a first for S, but A’s second game. The kids enjoyed it, especially the live marching band. And after we got home it was all S could talk about. So I grabbed some cardboard box, tape, & scissors & got to work making a couple hockey sticks and a puck. I ended up putting some plastic knives between 2 pieces of cardboard before taping them together for added stability. And it worked like a charm.

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Skis or ice skates

Skis or ice skates, whichever you would call them the kids are having a blast today!

A & S have been wanting to go ice skating,  but it is a bit too cold for the outside rink.  So today  we turned the newest delivery packages into skis! (Or as A calls them,  ice skates).

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Cardboard Car Track

S got some matchbox cars for Christmas. So to go along with his other cars we decided make a track/ garage from our cardboard boxes.   After scrolling through Pinterest, I got some neat ideas.   S helped me measure,  tape,  and hold parts in place.  

S was so excited he got right to playing as we were still making it!  Then after we picked A up she was excited to see what we made.   Countless hours have been spent with this creation today!   

*Note:  I would like to decorate it with roads & whatnot,  but the kids seem to love it just the way it is. 

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