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Today is brought to you by Ice Cream

I asked A what she wanted to do the next day. She answered with “eat ice cream all day long.” Now as fun as that sounds I told her that was not quite possible. So instead I found many activities that centered around ice cream. And what a fun day it was going to be!

I had several activities set up and a few more we created along the way. We started by reading Should I Share My Ice Cream (thanks for the book mom!). Then we did our activities all throughout the day. We had 1) Pompom Sprinkles (inspiration from here),2) Alphabet Scoops, & 3) Making our own ice cream. Then we added 4) Dice lead ice cream coloring. What a fun day it was. (And most of these activities were so super easy to set up & for the most part A & S could rotate as they pleased between them.)

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Painting On/With Foil

Today we covered our kid table with aluminum foil, held in places with painters tape. (We find ourselves using painters tape (great ways to make quick roads/obstacle courses on the floor) & Foil Tape (best way to hold pieces of cardboard together) so often!) Spread the drop cloth underneath and then got out some paint. We also used this opportunity to try out our new fun shaped rollers & dabbers. We squirted a bit of paint right onto the foil and let them go. (It was fun watching them work together squeezing the bottles and painting on the same big area).

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DIY Stained Glass

I had a couple extra glass doors from any old medicine cabinet, so I decided to try a DIY Stained Glass project. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but even more I had fun doing it.


First I picked a deign for my window. Then I half traced/free-handed the design on with a Sharpie.

Next I used a combination of black paint and regular white Elmer’s glue to make the thick black lines.

Then I used clear glue and colored paint mixed together to paint in the rest of the design.

Next time I would probably use a little more glue to paint ratio.

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2018 Winter Olympics Ceremony

The 2018 Winter Olympics have started! To celebrate we held an Olympic Party! We had everything from Olympic games, Olympic themed foods, & great friends.

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So we had the opportunity to watch a College hockey game at our alma mater a few weeks ago with family. This was a first for S, but A’s second game. The kids enjoyed it, especially the live marching band. And after we got home it was all S could talk about. So I grabbed some cardboard box, tape, & scissors & got to work making a couple hockey sticks and a puck. I ended up putting some plastic knives between 2 pieces of cardboard before taping them together for added stability. And it worked like a charm.

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