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Worms & Dirt

We started by crushing Oreo’s in a large bag in whatever manner A could be successful (pounding with hands, rolling pin, stomping). Then we poured them into a large bowl & added a few gummy worms. And then we went to town!

I have found A to be more receptive to instruction if she has a few initial minutes of unstructured play. Then I join in and then suggest things to try or questions to answer.

Some of our activities: Bury & then find the worms. Sort the worms by color. Count the worms. Use spoons & transfer “dirt” between 2 containers.

Like in all of my potential messy activities I lay a table cloth down on the floor first to help with clean up.

SKILLS: Gross motor (crushing). Fine motor (spooning dirt). Hand eye coordination. Problem solving (how crush, how find worms). Color recognition. Matching.

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