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Giant Arm Knitted Bunny

I saw this pattern for a giant arm knitted bunny by Flax & Twine and decided to give it a try.  (Which is slightly amusing because I do not know how to knit) .  

So I let A help pick out the yarn.  And of course she chose a blue.  So after practicing for a bit,  I think I kind of got the hang of it.  

It went pretty quick.  I made the body part one night.  Then the head the next.  A couple nights later I had the opportunity to assemble the bunny.  Once again,  I was not 100% sure what to do,  but I gave  it a go. I am happy how it turned out!  Now let’s see what A & S have to say in the morning.  🙂

Update: The “big bunny” was a hit this morning! 

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Rocket Ship

Today we got another large cardboard box.  (Thank you Ann!)  Oh, the possibilities are endless !  After letting the kids play with it as a tunnel, we got to work creating our newest creation…. rocket ship! 

This one even has some control panels inside!   Oh what a hit with all! 

SKILLS: Imagination, Fine Motor,  Sharing. 

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Kids Homemade Valentines Day Cards

A came to me tonight & said she was sad because she did not have anything to give me & Papa for Valentines Day.   So I grabbed some construction paper,  few stickers, crayons, & let them go.   

It is nights like tonight that make me proud. First,  A wanted to do something nice for others without any prompting, and second,  she helped S  and made sure he had all of the things he needed. 

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Artistic, Empathy, Compassion.

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