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Kid Activities by Age

So I have been organizing lately and realized I had several partial notebooks/lists of activities by age for with kids.  So, I took some time and created an electronic list.  Feel free to check it out!  Kid Activities by Age!

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Fun Nature Walks 

I have been trying to instil in both A & S a love & appreciation of nature.  We spend a lot of time outside (right from when they were infants). We find things to look for, sounds to identify, music to make, & things to imagine.  And there are times we might follow our neighbor cat or just sit & watch the world with him. 

A & I took a walk the other day & we had a blast!  It started with making music by stepping on the fallen leaves.  Then pretending we were horses & galloping down the path.  At the top of one big hill we decided it was a roller coaster,  threw our arms in the air & yelled “weeeeeee” as we ran down!  Which then we had to go back up & logically we were a train (taking turns being the caboose/engine) and chugging up the other side. Which then lead to seeing cracks in the trail & needing to stop & fix the tracks. And then there was the spontaneous dance performance! 

Now we are working on making a photo nature scavenger hunt & A is helping to point out things to take pictures of.  So tonight she comes running to me all excited & says,  “I got nature!” And shows me the acorns she has collected! 

My heart is full of love & joy! 

SKILLS: Loving Nature,  Imagination 

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Pizza Dough

So A has been excited about helping me to cook anytime I am in the kitchen now.  And our friend K has also started helping at times.  So I decided it would be fun to make our own pizza’s,  including the dough.  

After K got home from school we got started. (Now mind you I was prepared for a giant mess & was actually surprised how neat they were).  It was fun watching how excited they were with the whole experience!  (I mean when else are you told to spread flour all over the counter & then squish/ push/ fold fun dough?!) 

SKILLS: Cooking, Listening, Following directions

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Worms and Dirt 

So A was looking through the 150+ Activities book and got excited & asked if we could do an activity.  I decided to modify it a bit by using Oreos & Gummy worms to make it edible.   

So she & I took a walk to the grocery store  (which in itself was a blast & will be its own post soon so stay tuned) to get the things we needed. Then got straight to work when we got home. 

First step was for her to figure out how to crush the Oreos.  She tried her hands,  decided was not good.  Then her feet,  which was better.  Then grabbed a container and used it as a hammer.  All in all successful (& it was fun watching her try several things & not get discouraged that it did not work). 

Next we placed some worms & peach circles in & let her play as she saw fit for a bit.  Then we started hiding them, counting,  comparing, etc. Got to talk about subtracting when we ate some.  Then we even practiced tying knots with the worms! 

This was a great fun activity! 

SKILLS: Problem Solving,  Counting,  Sorting,  Subtracting, Matching, Tying. 

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Day Trip: National Arboretum

So I & the kids joined some friends for a trip to the National Arboretum in DC. This was our first time there & were amazed that all of this is in DC.  There was no way to see all of it, but we saw & enjoyed a lot of it!  The Capitol Columns, The Bonsai Garden, & a lot of time in the Youth Garden.

We meet one of the gardners in the youth garden & she helped A pick a fresh tomato.  And we learned that all of the harvested food gets donated to the Capital Food Pantry.  Then the kids played in the natural playground and couldn’t be happier!

We walked around the Capitol Columns from 1826. Then headed to the Bonsai Garden & saw the wide variety of trees.  Along with one Japanese White Pine from 1625!

The traffic was crazy heading out that way,  but we would love to go back & explore more!

SKILLS: Appreciating Nature,  Independence, Exercise


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Dinner by A

So I had no plans for dinner & Ada said she wanted eggs & then asked to help.  So,  A helped make most of dinner! The menu:  scrambled eggs,  bacon, & toast. 

She helped to crack the eggs,  stirred, & scrambled. Added the bacon to the pan & helped get the bread into the toaster. A pretty delicious dinner by a 3 year old!  

SKILLS: Cooking,  Independence.

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Tie Dying with Friends

A few weeks ago we meet up with some friends for a play date & tie dying. We let the girls shake the dye,  decide how to twist/ wrap, & then squirt the dye.  

We even added some sand from the sandbox to see what happened.  (Results:  no change).

SKILLS: Independence, Art, Fine Motor, Experiment, Curiosity. 

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