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Glow In The Dark Gelatin

Yesterday I made some Glow in the dark gelatin with the instructions from “150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids: The Very Best and Easiest Playtime Activities”. 

I decided to put it in a muffin tin and add random objects to each one.  

A was very excited to try this out,  so after breakfast we headed to the bath tub with the gelatin & a black light(as I was unsure how messy this would be).

She had a blast playing with it,  finding the objects,  squeezing it into small parts, ect.  Then when she was done with that,  we scooped up the bigger pieces & then added water to the tub to play in glowing water. (We added 1 more crushed vitamins to make it glow better).  She was even excited that the water was light yellow without the black licht.   I would call this a success.

SKILLS: Sensory,  Fine motor.






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Braided Pig Tail Knot

I started off with 2 pig tails.  Braided each one.  Then tied them in a knot together. 


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Hair Styles: My Canvas

So A has long beautiful crazy hair.   It is rare for it to be all down.  But here it is fresh from her bath in all of its glory.  And it gives you an idea of what I am working with in my upcoming posts on different hair styles.


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Easy Flower Arrangements

I don’t remember who told me,  or maybe where I read it,  but after A & I picked out flowers I remembered a trick for an easy Flower arrangement.   Take clear scotch tape & make a grid across the top of the vase. Then stick your flowers in.  The grid helps keep the flowers spaced out & upright.  It has lead to a gorgeous arrangement.


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Photo Night Light

I had the opportunity to take a class all about Tinkering. It was a great opportunity to do something for myself & learn something new.  One of our assignments was an Ikea Hack.  I decided to make a photo Night light for A’s room.  It is using a RIBBA frame (prefect because there is a lot of space behind the back to hold the light cables) and Doider LED lights.   (I tried a couple different lights, but found these to work the best). I attached the switch to the outside to make it easier to turn on/off.   It gives just enough glow.


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Miniature Water Beads

I remember when A was excited to play with sticks, but did not want to touch messy things with her hands or feet.  So we have been working on sensory play.  Today it continued with Miniature Water Beads. Like this: She had a blast.  We made: red, green, & blue. But then when we mixed them together the red was too much and they all turned purple. But she had a blast playing with them.

SKILLS: Sensory, Fine Motor. Colors


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Pine Cone Bird Feeder


A, S, & I decided to go for a hike through the leaves to find some pine cones so we could make some bird feeders.  We used:pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. A and her friends had a fun sticky time adding the Peanut Butter to the pine cones (talk about double stick…) and then adding the bird seed. They were so proud of their bird feeders!

Note: I think the squirrels got to ours before most of the birds….

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Love of Nature, Talk about Animals and what they eat.


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Customized Alphabet Book

I had started this concept more than a year ago and now I finally have it finished. I have created from scratch an Alphabet Book for A of items that she will find around the house and neighborhood!

Now that she is older she is so excited when she realizes that all of the pictures in this book are of things she has!

alphabet book

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Photography Jewelry & Cards

I have decided it would be fun to try and sell some of my photos, but I want to do more than just prints.  I have started working on making some cards and jewelry to have a small inventory to get started.  There are a few things I would tweak but overall I am happy with how they are turning out. You can always see some more of my photographs at Silly Heart Photography.


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Cloud Dough

We made “Cloud Dough”.  You can squeeze it and shape it and then you can touch it and it crumbles back apart. We made it with 1/2 cup veggie oil (can also use Baby Oil, but I wanted it to be safer in case A tried to eat it) and 4 cups of Flour.  This worked well, but I think the Baby Oil would make it just a little softer.

She enjoyed playing with the cups and then after awhile she would touch it with her fingers. No real grabbing yet, but we will keep playing!

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Sensory

cloud dough

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