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Looking for Suggestions

I am making good progress on my Fire Truck Busy Board.  But,  I have a few things yet to figure out,  hopefully you can help me.

I am planning on drawing/painting on & under the current doors. 

1) A Hose.  I am looking to put a hose on that can either wind up or even just stretch out.  Ideas?

2) A few more items.  I am looking for a few more items for the center of the truck.  Thoughts?

Here’s to hoping you have some neat ideas!



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I have many different projects going and they all seem to be taking longer than I thought.  (But really I have 2 kids & other responsibilities so who was I kidding).  🙂

The other situation I keep running into is all of my projects are partially formed in my head,  so I keep running into situations I need to find solutions for.  (It seems like things that should be easy are not…). But,  I keep making headway & I am excited about how the projects are turning out!

Here I am making some fun magnets for A’s Chore Chart.


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Toothpick Star

The concept behind this is too advanced for A, but it is a neat visual. 

Take wooden toothpicks & break in half,  but not apart.  Place then so their center (folded) parts touch.  Drip a little water at a time on the center & watch the toothpicks move apart.

(This works because the the water travels through the toothpicks using capillary action)

SKILLS: Observation, Fine Motor Skills,  Water Properties



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Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

So K had no school today so he came over to play.  I decided to hop  (hahaha) onto Google & see what I could make with toilet paper rolls since I had been saving some.   I came across a cute picture of a bunny so decided to try it.

The kids were so excited to do this project and thrilled with how they turned out.




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Stress Ball, Busy Hands

So at the age of 2 A learned to suck her thumb.  Some days or is only a little,  others or is constant.  Well she told me the other day that she wanted to be a big girl & not suck her thumb (yay!).  But I noticed she did it at down times when she didn’t know what to do with her hands.  So I thought of she had something to squeeze it might help.

I found this neat tutorial (See here) about making your own stress balls.  And low and behold I had all of the needed materials.  

A was excited about helping me make the ball and I let her pick the color of the balloons.  (I leaned that I am not good at cutting a nice circle…).  And not to long later w had a completed stress ball.

The excitement lasted just a few seconds….boo, not a success.   Maybe if I make it using a rubber glove it works be better because then the fingers would give her something to hang on to. 

SKILLS: Self-soothing, Independence,


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Not quite hay & straw.  We are working on teaching A her right & left. So,  we have started writing R & L in her shoes to work on this &  learn to put jet shoes on the correct feet.  🙂

SKILLS: Independence,  Left,  Right


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Mud & Tutus

So A used to struggle with some sensory situations.  (The feel of grass, rice,  ect). So it is wonderful to see her not just stomping in the mud puddles  (this has been a regular source of fun) but now getting it on her legs & hands.

SKILLS: Sensory,  Loving nature,  Imagination.


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Large US Map

Since we have no family close by & we travel a fair amount, we talk a lot about where everyone is.  This is a hard concept to understand.  So,  we bought (from Amazon) a large dry erase wall map of the US.

We have labeled where we,  Grands, Greats, & Uncles/Aunts are. And then as people travel we talk about where they are in relation to us.

Mind you, it has taken me 3 attempts to get it to stay up on the wall. But each time A had been so excited each attempt & she cheers me on & says,  “Good job Mama!”

SKILLS: Geography,  Self-Aware


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The Joy of Snow

So I’m sure after our crazy 30″of snow (Remember I am in Northern Virginia.)most people were not excited to wake up this morning & see more of the white stuff.  But A was THRILLED!  (I have to admit I also loved it & decided I couldn’t wait to get out there with my camera).

So after breakfast we headed out.  A was excited to shovel and sweep!

SKILLS: Love of nature,  Making own decisions,  Enjoying freedom of no expectations, trying.






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Coat Hooks

As A is getting bigger we are working on giving her more responsibilities.  Some of these are taking off & putting away her own coat and shoes.  So to help her we have added a little hook for her (and one for S)that she can reach. 

I let her pick out the color (hooks are from Ikea) and then I added the letters.  It has worked really well. Not only does she know where to take off her coat,  but she also has access to it to put it on.


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