3rd Quarter: 1st Grade Activities

As we continue educating at home, here are a few activities that might come in helpful.

PersonalNarrativeWritingTransitionWordsSentenceStartersValentinesDay (1)

True or False Breakdown

2 samples scoot true or false equations first grade current


FractionCraftsFractions (1)

My Daily Journal

Dinosaur Sight Word Game

Sight Words Board Game

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Educational Resources

Here is a collection of resources that might come in handy as we are all home due to the Corona Virus. Feel free to leave a comment if you know of others!

Virtual Field Trips

Google Earth: 31 National Parks

NYC Museums

11 Science and Tech Museums

20 Virtual Field Trips (variety of places)

DC Cherry Blossom Bloom Cam

Kennedy Center Space Station

Worldwide museums, galleries, & more

Palace of Versailles

Virtual Field Trips: Various

NYC Museums

National Parks

Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch (Video)

Reading is Fundamental

Dairy Association

Virtual Rides at Disney World

Educational Sites

Language Lessons

Livestream activities\stories

Play to learn preschool

NASA’s Library

Scholastics Learn at Home

Virtual Book Club for Kids

List of Free Educational Companies

Khan Academy Kids

Adventure Academy

Teach Your Monster To Read (Free on the computer)

Just for kids (videos with some quizzes for understanding)


Lunch Doodles w/ Mo Willems

McHarper Manor

Wild Free & Crafty

Broadway Musicals (7 day free trial)


Music Express Magazine

Cosmic Kid Yoga

Fluency & Fitness

Go Noodle


StoryLine Online

Reading is Fundamental

Story Time From Space

Operation Story Time
SimplyE (borrow books from NYPL)


30 Days of LEGO Play

The Dad Lab


Great Schools

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Activity: Alphabet Hunt

Today when I needed to fold laundry I gave S an Alphabet Treasure Hunt.

I took our storage bin*, put alphabet letters in it, and half marbles. And then gave him a treasure map with the uppercase letters on it. He had to dig through the bin to find the letters in that to them up on the treasure map.

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A had been learning to read. And her teacher has been great It sharing resources from her class. So I use this opportunity to take some of their resources and create little bookmarks for each of the kids. That way as they are reading they’ll have a visual reminder of their different strategies.

One side of the bookmark are there six strategies for when they get stuck when they read.

The the other side of the bookmark is the five parts of a story when working on retelling the story.

After after I printed the pictures on cardstock, the kids help me cut them out. Then we laminated them. Next we punched the hole to attach a ribbon.

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Quick Activity: Finger strength\Pencil grip

S has been working on writing & drawing. To help with his pencil grip & finger strength we have created a fun game. The best part is, it can be done anywhere with no extra materials. And it can be adjusted to add extra materials for additional skills.

We started out simple with just his hand & made a Crocodile with his thumb, pointer, & middle finger.


We played & were silly with our Crocodile. (Because yes of course I made one too!). Then we worked on opening & closing the “mouth”. The goal is to keep the pointer and middle fingers together while opening and closing with the thumb. This helps get their fingers ready for holding a pencil.

Then I told him that I had a “special treasure” the Crocodile needed to keep safe. We have used pompoms, foam beads, aquarium marbles (like these), etc. It just has to be small enough to hold between their palm and ring and pinky fingers.

We played this for awhile. Opening & closing good Crocodile’s mouth while keeping the treasure hidden.

We then added a pencil to add another element of fun & learning to the game.


WHY: This helps them develop the finger strength and independent finger movement for holding a pencil.

*WHEN: This can be used when you need a quick activity while waiting, a positive distraction during a meltdown, a way to incorporate storytelling and vocabulary. (Between 2 people or more, or when one person creates 2 crocodiles), ect.

Until we create again. Kippis!

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Activity: Chalk

We love being outside and having unstructured playtime. But we also like to try & get in some structured learning sometimes. These last few days we did this with sidewalk chalk.

We are working with A to practice her reading. And we notice that if there is a break between days she is fairly resistant to it right now. So, to offer her opportunities for success I am trying to make some short interactive options. Keep reading to see some of the ways we have incorporated chalk.

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Activity: Hole Punch

Today we did this simple yet complex activity. We took a piece of paper, drew a line, then asked S to punch holes on it. It took a lot of hand strength to punch the holes and then a lot of concentration to punch the holes along the line.

Modifications: This is an easy activity to change how easy or hard it is. Simplest: punch random holes in paper. Harder: create a picture & punch holes to follow the picture. Numbers: ask them to punch certain number of holes. Use punches to work with adding or subtracting. Shapes: ask them to punch out a shapes. (Either draw a shapes & ask them to follow it or ask them to punch it out on their own).

This is an easy activity I’m sure we will do again!

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Craft: Teacher Gifts

Our school year is about over, so I got a last minute creative ideas and got to work. I headed over to school to take a picture of our school house. (And spent sometime playing with the soccer ball & doing a kite).

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Craft: Reading Nook

A has been working on learning to read. So we decided to create a little reading nook area in her room. So we looked at some ideas on Pinterest. And then we headed to the stores.

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File Folder Activities

With our part day school we find ourselves with some small chunks of time that are enough to do something but not enough time to really go home. Or, we need an activity to help them as I am making dinner. So I have created some File Folder Activities. These are things that they can do which are all contained within a file folder.

I printed off different activities (found a lot of ideas on Pinterest), laminated the pieces, taped them to the inside of a file folder, and then used Velcro dots so the pieces can move around but also stay in place.

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