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Lesson: Juneteenth

Today we did a short lesson on Juneteenth. This is the day we celebrate the end of slavery. Even though slavery was abolished with the emancipation proclamation on January 1, 1863, it wasn’t until June 19, 1865.

(This also can lead to interesting discussions about how much faster information and people travel now).

We watched a few short clips. The first was about Juneteenth. We watched the book Juneteenth for Mazie. Then had a short discussion

Next we watched Brain Pop’s clip on Slavery. And had another short discussion about what slavery is.

We followed that with Brain Pop’s clip about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad.

We concluded our lesson with an activity about quilts and how they were possibly used to help slaves escape.

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Creating a floating boat

After listening to the podcast How To Turn Failures Into Robots from Big Life Kids Podcast S was inspired to create a boat out of a plastic bottle.

So we did a bit of brainstorming & then found this video on YouTube. So S wrote down the materials needed so we would be ready for the morning. Rice, 2 pencil, 2 foam, bottle.

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Activity: Book & Leprechaun Traps

Today we listened to Pete The Cat & the Great Leprechaun Chase on YouTube. (Wonderful resource when libraries are closed due to the Corona Virus).

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Activity: Dry Erase Pockets

Both my kids like using the dry erase markers so we got a couple of the Dry Erase Pockets. We have used these for many activities. The nice thing is you can or a paper inside & they can write on top of it, erase it, do it again, but not change the original. Continue for examples of use!

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Activity: Alphabet Hunt

Today when I needed to fold laundry I gave S an Alphabet Treasure Hunt.

I took our storage bin*, put alphabet letters in it, and half marbles. And then gave him a treasure map with the uppercase letters on it. He had to dig through the bin to find the letters in that to them up on the treasure map.

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Quick Activity: Finger strength\Pencil grip

S has been working on writing & drawing. To help with his pencil grip & finger strength we have created a fun game. The best part is, it can be done anywhere with no extra materials. And it can be adjusted to add extra materials for additional skills.

We started out simple with just his hand & made a Crocodile with his thumb, pointer, & middle finger.


We played & were silly with our Crocodile. (Because yes of course I made one too!). Then we worked on opening & closing the “mouth”. The goal is to keep the pointer and middle fingers together while opening and closing with the thumb. This helps get their fingers ready for holding a pencil.

Then I told him that I had a “special treasure” the Crocodile needed to keep safe. We have used pompoms, foam beads, aquarium marbles (like these), etc. It just has to be small enough to hold between their palm and ring and pinky fingers.

We played this for awhile. Opening & closing good Crocodile’s mouth while keeping the treasure hidden.

We then added a pencil to add another element of fun & learning to the game.


WHY: This helps them develop the finger strength and independent finger movement for holding a pencil.

*WHEN: This can be used when you need a quick activity while waiting, a positive distraction during a meltdown, a way to incorporate storytelling and vocabulary. (Between 2 people or more, or when one person creates 2 crocodiles), ect.

Until we create again. Kippis!

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Activity: MESSY Colored Shaving Cream

We have not done much with messy activities lately, and now I might remember why… We usually use liquid food coloring, but only had gel food coloring, so I used that… Not quite as good. But, the kids had fun, mostly…

I started with a little foam Shaving cream, then a couple of drops of food coloring, then a bit more shaving cream to hide the color. I used the 3 primary colors (red, yellow, & blue) with the hopes of talking about mixing colors.

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Activity: Chalk

We love being outside and having unstructured playtime. But we also like to try & get in some structured learning sometimes. These last few days we did this with sidewalk chalk.

We are working with A to practice her reading. And we notice that if there is a break between days she is fairly resistant to it right now. So, to offer her opportunities for success I am trying to make some short interactive options. Keep reading to see some of the ways we have incorporated chalk.

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Activity: Sponge Water “Balloons”

It is summer & it is hot & humid, so we need ways to stay cool. Today we headed to a BBQ & thought it would be a great time to try this activity. Sponge Water “Balloons” 🎈

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Activity: Sit Spot

Bonus: no prep or materials needed!

Today we did a Sit Spot at home. This is where you have each kid pick one spot to regularly sit and look, listen, smell, & feel the surroundings. This is a great way to connect with your surroundings.

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