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Hidden Art

Today I handed A & S this cardboard covered in aluminum foil & told them they had to figure our what was inside, WITHOUT opening it up.

It was interesting watching them try & figure out what to do. Finally she started pressing on it. Then her response was, “there’s a bump.” So I encouraged her to continue.

Finally she figured it out!

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Activity: The Rainbow Explosion

You’ve got to try this! All you need is: milk, food coloring, cotton swab, & rubbing alcohol!

We got the book Exploring Kitchen Science for Christmas. Last week I pulled it out & let A look through it & pick out some she would like to try.

Today we tried the Rainbow Explosion. This was a great experiment because: we had all of the ingredients at home, prep was little, & results were immediate. Before we started we made predictions about what would happen.

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Activity: Light box

The newest addition to our table was a new light box. (I got the directions to make it here.) Along with the light box I added a basket with some objects to try out.

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Water Beads

We stopped at the craft store this morning to grab some water beads.  We managed to find the ones that were not already enlarged so A could watch that process.  It was nice that it took only about 4 hours because we were able to start it before lunch and then by the time she was up from nap and snack they were ready to be played with.

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Cloud Dough

We made “Cloud Dough”.  You can squeeze it and shape it and then you can touch it and it crumbles back apart. We made it with 1/2 cup veggie oil (can also use Baby Oil, but I wanted it to be safer in case A tried to eat it) and 4 cups of Flour.  This worked well, but I think the Baby Oil would make it just a little softer.

She enjoyed playing with the cups and then after awhile she would touch it with her fingers. No real grabbing yet, but we will keep playing!

SKILLS: Fine Motor, Sensory

cloud dough

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Pipe Cleaner Crystals

Today we set up our Pipe cleaner crystal experiments! Ada had fun pouring and mixing all of the solution together.

Here is the Borax recipe we used. Pipe Cleaner Crystals.  Next time I would add more Borax (until I could see it NOT dissolving in the water).  This took just over 24 hours to look this good.  A had some fun trying to shape it, but was a little to complicated for her.  She did have fun pouring the water and Borax into the jars and then also putting the pipe cleaners in (and out repeatedly….).  🙂

SKILLS: Fine motor, Patience, Cause & Effect.



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Homemade Playdough

After enjoying Playdough at Farm School I decided to make my own to enjoy at home.  This has held up better than the store bought as it has not gotten all dried out or crumbly.

SKILLS: Fine motor (rolling pins, cookie cutters, rolling between hands). Sensory. Imagination.


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Sensory Bottle Snowman

Even though we have lots of snow,  we decided to make an inside snowman today.

We used an empty Voss water bottle.  Filled it with about a 1/4″ of Clear Elmer’s Glue.  Then filled it with tap water.   Next shook some glitter in and then closed the lid really tight.  Next we drew on our snow man’s face with sharpies and gave him a pipe cleaner scarf.

Shake him up and watch him sparkle!

A had a blast helping with each step,  especially the glitter and drawing his face.

SKILLS: This was good fine motor skills practice for her with: putting the glue, water, & glitter into a small opening. Also allowed her to draw and work on facial features.



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Quiet Book Pages

I have finally completed all of the pages for Ada’s Quiet Book!!  (I am really trying hard to complete all of the projects that I have started….Especially since I have other ideas of ones I want to start).  Now I just need/want to finish the cover.

Our Pages:

  1. Elephant: The shape/color of each balloon is drawn on the page & there is Velcro to match them up.
  2. Zippers: Zip open & close.
  3. Apple Tree: Move apples from tree to basket and back.
  4. Shapes: Match shapes (Velcro on each piece to put on/off).
  5. Ice Cream Cone: Put scoops of ice cream on/off.
  6. Potato Head: Dress Mrs. Potato Head.
  7. Flower: Numbers are Velcro and then black center has a button hole to put on/off.
  8. Dinosaur: Dots & Spikes are Velcro to put on/off/rearrange.
  9. Colors: Spelling and recognition.


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