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Cardboard Kitchen

I have now completed the finishing touches on A’s play kitchen.  All of the components are made out of cardboard boxes that we had, and then covered with old backwards posters.  We have an oven with a door that opens with a window that looks into the rack, a stove top with 2 burners that light up and a timer with a bell, a cupboard to store all of the containers, a refrigerator/cupboard, and a microwave including buttons to push. All of the kids are getting a lot of enjoyment out of it!

We even have play food to go along with our dishes.  The wooden Melissa & Doug Cutting Food is a huge hit.  Our only trouble is, sometimes A chooses our real utensils for her kitchen and I can’t find them when I need them!

SKILLS: Imagination. Cooking. Sharing. Cutting. Sorting. Matching. Stirring.

finished kitchen

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