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Magnetic Robots

We have had this activity planned for awhile,  but now got the Pete The Cat & Robo Pete book,  and decided it was a perfect match.

So on one of the snow days from Snowzilla 2016 my hubby sat & read the book with the kids and then we proceeded to make our own robots.

Prior to the activity I did a bit of prep work.   We took old metal soup cans & hot glued the lids back on.  Then we took random parts & hot glued magnets to them.

We let each kid (and adult) pick a can and then we laid out all of the parts and let them go to town.  They even remembered we had some magnets on the fridge & incorporated them.   After they were at a pausing point (because there was always a lot of tweaking or redoing) I took their picture & had them tell me a story about their robot.

SKILLS: fine motor.  Hand eye coordination  (getting pipe cleaner into springs). Imagination.  Storytelling.


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