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Training Has Started

After being pretty much out of running really since having kids I have decided to register for a 10 mile race I have always wanted to do.  So, since I am home with my kids 99% of the time that means A & S are part of my training regiment.  My goal is to complete 3 short runs during the week with the double stroller, and then do my long runs solo on the weekend.

So, since we have extended time in the stroller coming up we use it for talking about what we see out in nature.  So far we have discussed: what happens to snow when it disappears, birds-where they live-what nests are made out of, what are the sounds that we hear, etc.  We will also sing, especially if S is having a rough time.

In addition to these discussions, A is doing a great job of cheering me on!  Now with the stroller cover I feel better about running in the cold.

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