Activity: Sit Spot

Bonus: no prep or materials needed!

Today we did a Sit Spot at home. This is where you have each kid pick one spot to regularly sit and look, listen, smell, & feel the surroundings. This is a great way to connect with your surroundings.

We started with 2 minutes and I gave each of them their notebook. I asked them to sit & draw what they could hear and see. I also participated in this.

S lasted for about 1 minutes before he got up and started moving around. Here is his “tornado made out of clouds).

A took a bit more than the 2 minutes. I love how she incorporated the things she heard (air conditioner, birds) and things she saw (swing, ninja course, etc).

Now the goal we’ll be to do this on a fairly regular basis & see what changes and new things they see.

The pros for always choosing the same spot is you can see changes over time better. The pros for choosing different spots is you can see what you notice in different areas. (And we can use this as we are on the go.)

For older kids you can extend the time you sit. You can ask them to try & find certain objects or sounds. I find the notebook is a nice way for them to focus, and then you can see how their drawing\writing skills change over time. But you can also just have them sit & listen & talk with you after. (This is a good memory exercise).

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