STEM 3 Little Pigs

Today after school we decided it would be a great day to do our 3 Little Pigs Activity.

To prep for this I wrote down my ideas, did a bit of searching, and came up with my ideas. Here I have a few options depending on time & how it is going. The nice thing about this is I now have some ideas set for future days if needed. 🙂

My plans:

My plan included: 1) Read the book. 2) Discuss the characters, setting, problem, solutions, & what they might change about the story. 3) Build a house from toothpicks & mini marshmallows. (With a little pig.) 4) Use “big bad wolf ” to try & blow down the houses.

Here is our set up. We printed the pigs from pngtree. Our big bad wolf was from Its bitsy fun (which is a mask, I then laminated & wrapped around a hair dryer to make him blow).

Each kid got to choose their pig and then started with a handful of toothpicks & 12 mini marshmallows. (I considered using gun drops, but couldn’t find any easily. The mini marshmallows worked well, but smaller so it required a little more fine motor control.)

It was interesting watching the different techniques each kid used. Some had extra marshmallows, others had enough, some needed more.

Finally everyone had their house & pig ready!

So out came the Big Bad Wolf! First he blew gently. All of the pigs blew away! Next he huffed & puffed stronger! One house started to fall apart a little. All of the houses slid across the floor a bit. Pretty successful first round of house building!

After this a couple of them worked together to make the one house stronger. And then they invited the wolf to try again. 🙂

Side note: I really need to become a better video because I tried, but was not successful controlling the wolf, video, & engaging in the activity. I love seeing the looks on their faces when their houses don’t blow over.

At the end we talked about what made the house stronger, what kind of materials blew away easier, & how they might change it in the future.

All in all I would call this a success!

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