Custom Bag Lockets

A & I had a little time together the other day, so we decided to work on some of our Christmas gifts for others. First I pulled out these lockets and let her look at them and try to figure out what they were. Then i asked her to pick who got which one. After she figured out that they opened, we talked about what she would like to put in them. So we then grabbed a lot of different objects. Then A said sand. So we started by adding some Kinetic Sand. (This worked well because it stayed where we put it for the most part.)

Next she worked on picking out what beads and jewels she wanted for each person. (Thanks to our neighbor we had a lot to choose from!)

After several trials A selected the items she wanted for each locket. (Note: A knew who 2 of the lockets were for, and for the 3rd I just asked her to design another one. She decided it would be for her, little does she know, she is correct. 🙂 I thought all 3 of them would love knowing they have the same thing.

Next I added this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to seal everything in. Hoping it would dry clear as advertised.

And, 24 hours later it did! Then the last finishing touch was to add a fun pompom (A selected which person got which one). Now they can be added to their backpack, bag, or wherever they like!

Merry Christmas!

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