Rolled Paper Flowers -Cricut Maker

So I have been having a blast with my Cricut Maker. One thing I love about this is the ability to make things 3D. One way I have done this is by making 3D Rolled Paper Flowers.

First I got my pattern from Craftables. After downloading them I uploaded them to Cricut Design Space. I loaded cardstock and hit go.

After just a few minutes these were cut out.

The next step is to roll it. I have used the tweezers from Cricut. But any fine tip tweezers will work.

I place the tweezers as close to the end as possible.

Then I start slowly turn the tweezers, making sure the paper is tight & the edge of the bottom of flower is straight.

As I get close to the end I take the tweezers out & use my fingers to finish rolling the flower.

As you get to the end it looks like this.

Then you turn the end around to make it cover the bottom of the flower.

Now you have a couple choices. One, you can glue the flower as it is or two, let go and let the flower unravel a little. I like how it looks a little fuller.

The final step is to glue the flower to keep it together. I have had great luck with this Art Glitter Glue. The fine metal tip makes it easy to apply it just to the areas you want. I have also used a hot glue gun to finish the rolled paper flower.

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