Space Exploration: Part 1

We got a new Kiwi Crate the other day. This time I decided to use it as part of a larger Project Based Learning unit. So we started off with sitting on the stairs & “seeing that our house has floated into space”. Then the (pretend) phone rang and it was mission control asking A & S for their help in building a rocket ship & exploring space. In addition to their rocket ship they also built their Control center.

After their ship & control center were built, their next mission was to build their periscope (from a Kiwi Crate).

Then they climbed into their spaceship and find all of the pla9net’s. I had printed and then taped them around the room. They then used their periscope to look around and fine all of them. Then we read the first half of There’s No place Like Spacewith the Cat & the Hat. Then we placed our planets in order.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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