Activity: The Rainbow Explosion

You’ve got to try this! All you need is: milk, food coloring, cotton swab, & rubbing alcohol!

We got the book Exploring Kitchen Science for Christmas. Last week I pulled it out & let A look through it & pick out some she would like to try.

Today we tried the Rainbow Explosion. This was a great experiment because: we had all of the ingredients at home, prep was little, & results were immediate. Before we started we made predictions about what would happen.

We each got little saucers of room temperature milk. Then we added drops of food coloring. (An added bonus/ observation was watching what happened if you bummed your plate). Then we took a Q-tip, dipped the end in rubbing alcohol. And then touched it to our milk/food coloring plate. Amazement was seen!

Then we tried it again with fresh milk/food coloring. And instead of rubbing alcohol, we used dish soap.

Then the kids wanted to know what would happen if they used both rubbing alcohol & then dish soap. So 3rd plates of clean milk were passed out. I love that they ask questions & then try to figure it out.

SKILLS: Fine Motor Skills, Color Mixing, Science, Sharing, Questions, Predictions

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