Activity: Simple balance scale

This week we are learning about Heavy/Light. So after a quick Pinterest search I created our own simple balance scale. This included: a plastic hanger, tension rod, & 2 small paper bags.

Then I asked A & S what they noticed. Not to long in they got that the bags were same height (level). So then I encouraged them each to pick a bag & put in 1 object. Then I asked again. They realized quickly the bags were different heights. So then we could talk about why. The goal of getting to heavier/ lighter was achieved.

At this point we moved it downstairs for more room. S had a lot of fun putting different things into the bags. And he would draw A in by asking her questions or getting excited about something. And with some of the objects we would talk about: descriptions, counting, colors, etc. We also switched it up and tried to find objects that weighed the same.

SKILLS: Cooperation, Vocabulary, Independent play,

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