Activity: Paper bag exploration

This week we are talking about Our Five Senses.

Today we needed a short activity so I grabbed a paper bag, added one object & headed into the kids room.

I handed A the bag & asked her what she noticed. Crinkled, something in it, moves around, (realized it was small since it could move).

Then she put her hand in the bag without looking & asked her to describe what she felt. This was a little difficult for her as she recognized the object right away. After some promoting she was able to add some descriptive words, like soft, flexible, & bumpy.

Then S was excited to try it as well. I was impressed at some of the descriptive words S came up with! And the best part was, after I left the room A & S continued this with each other & different examples!

SKILLS: Senses, Touch, Hear, Smell, Words, Patience, Taking Turns.

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