Peep Catapults

I have been trying out events and activities that correspond to a business idea I am working on.  We have now successfully hosted two.  (See details of our first here).

This event was Peep Catapults! After we had it all set up outside,  mother nature decided to change our plans so we hurried and moved it all inside.

We started off by reading Rosie Revere, Engineer.

Then we started our catapults. We had 2 different versions that could be made.  We talked about which one the kids thought would work better (ie. fly further).

Then the kids got to work!  It was fun seeing what the kids could do. Some of the kids ended up building both types.

After they were built we headed over, picked out the peeps we wanted to test.  (We had purple & green bunnies, and blue, yellow, & pink chicks). Then headed to the hallway with our starting line and yardstick.  There were even a few shots that required the big measuring tape!

After the kids were mostly done with their fun the adults took over and aimed for the microwave!  It was amazing to see the determination and the different modifications on not only the catapults, but the peeps as well.  Fun & success was had by all!

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