Butterfly Chromatography 

This is Spring break for our County. So it means it is a good time to host another event.  

Today was Butterfly Chromatography. Markers are made up of different colors.  when you put them on some paper and have water travel up the paper, the different colors separate. 

We started off with the story Gotta Go Gotta Go! I love seeing how excited and engaged the kids are! 

 We took coffee filters,  drew on them with makers  (Mr. Sketch ones worked the best), then placed them in shallow cups of water and watched the colors go!

Then we placed them on a towel to dry & the kids played and listened to other stories. 

After they were dry we headed back to the tables and turned our colored coffee filters into butterflies by folding up the center and twisting it with half a pipe cleaner.  What fun and colorful butterflies they made! 

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