Once Upon A Dream

Today we took advantage of the cold weather and headed out to try a new play place.  This is the closest one to us, but it is still a bit of a drive.

First thoughts: I like how clean and welcoming it feels. The kids quickly made themselves at home. There were a wide range of activities for both of them.  The owners and workers were very friendly.  We even happened to be there for their cupcake/cookie decorating event. (More of that in a bit). The train table, treasure chest, and horse were some of their favorites.

The cupcake/cookie decorating event was a lot of fun and the leader did a good job of working with the kids. The only thing I did not really like (mainly due to lack of prior knowledge) was the event was not covered in the cost of admission.  I had already told A that we would do it and talked with the owner, and then much later I learned it was an additional cost.  This was a turn off, but the kids had a lot of fun!

There were a couple of drawbacks in my opinion, which were all related.  First, no outside food or drink is allowed. However there is a nice/cute cafe with some desserts/chips/applesauce, which is nice, however not enough to make a lunch for the kids. So, now that means I have to leave to feed my kids.  Which means if we were on top of it and got there right when they opened at 10, now gives us around 2 hours (if we push it) to play before lunch. Now they are close to food options, so I could in theory go out, feed the kids, and then go back….except for the fact they have a No In/Out policy.  So, that means after I have already paid for all people (including adults) to enter once, if I wanted to go back in I would have to pay for all of us again…So NOT happening.

Even with those downsides, I and the kids look forward to going back at times and spending a couple hours there.

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