Fun Nature Walks 

I have been trying to instil in both A & S a love & appreciation of nature.  We spend a lot of time outside (right from when they were infants). We find things to look for, sounds to identify, music to make, & things to imagine.  And there are times we might follow our neighbor cat or just sit & watch the world with him. 

A & I took a walk the other day & we had a blast!  It started with making music by stepping on the fallen leaves.  Then pretending we were horses & galloping down the path.  At the top of one big hill we decided it was a roller coaster,  threw our arms in the air & yelled “weeeeeee” as we ran down!  Which then we had to go back up & logically we were a train (taking turns being the caboose/engine) and chugging up the other side. Which then lead to seeing cracks in the trail & needing to stop & fix the tracks. And then there was the spontaneous dance performance! 

Now we are working on making a photo nature scavenger hunt & A is helping to point out things to take pictures of.  So tonight she comes running to me all excited & says,  “I got nature!” And shows me the acorns she has collected! 

My heart is full of love & joy! 

SKILLS: Loving Nature,  Imagination 

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