Water Beads

We stopped at the craft store this morning to grab some water beads.  We managed to find the ones that were not already enlarged so A could watch that process.  It was nice that it took only about 4 hours because we were able to start it before lunch and then by the time she was up from nap and snack they were ready to be played with.

A had fun scooping and pouring the water beads into different containers.  We then made a couple sensory bottles (will do a separate post about those later).  It was interesting how by themselves the beads were easy to see, but as soon as they were surrounded by water they disappeared!  Fun times that we will definitely do again!

SKILLS: Sensory, Fine Motor, Patience, Water absorption.

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3 thoughts on “Water Beads

  1. funhappinessandlife

    Where did you find the water beads? Looks like something both my boys would totally enjoy!


    • I bought them from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Here is a link to their page: http://www.joann.com/search?q=water%20gems I know you can also get them from Amazon. One side note, I bought both purple and pink ones and I was surprised that it was really just the water that turned the color not the actual balls. But I saw some at the store that were already expanded that looked like a multi-color pack. But I was looking for the experience of watching them expand so that is why I did not choose those ones.


      • funhappinessandlife

        Thanks, put it on my list of things to do for when I get a little stir crazy with the boys when school lets out!

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