Quiet Book Pages

I have finally completed all of the pages for Ada’s Quiet Book!!  (I am really trying hard to complete all of the projects that I have started….Especially since I have other ideas of ones I want to start).  Now I just need/want to finish the cover.

Our Pages:

  1. Elephant: The shape/color of each balloon is drawn on the page & there is Velcro to match them up.
  2. Zippers: Zip open & close.
  3. Apple Tree: Move apples from tree to basket and back.
  4. Shapes: Match shapes (Velcro on each piece to put on/off).
  5. Ice Cream Cone: Put scoops of ice cream on/off.
  6. Potato Head: Dress Mrs. Potato Head.
  7. Flower: Numbers are Velcro and then black center has a button hole to put on/off.
  8. Dinosaur: Dots & Spikes are Velcro to put on/off/rearrange.
  9. Colors: Spelling and recognition.


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